Pallet stacking device ZDV-521

Pallet stacking device ZDV-521

The pallet stacking device ZDV-521
(stacker) is designed especially for pallets
handling, fork lifting and transport of
loads and pallets used especially in
agriculture, gardening, vegetable farms,
building industry and in-house transport.
This stacker can be suspended in the arms
of the tractor rear three-point hitch. The
own lifting is carried out by a hydraulic
cylinder connected with the tractor
hydraulics through a quick-coupler and
controlled directly from the driver‘s cab.
Required fork spacing can be set
mechanically according to actual load. This
stacker can be coupled with all types of
small tractors equipped with a steered axle
and the three-point hitch ISO 730/1N.
This stacking device is not designed for
articulated tractors.

Technical notes

Length 2820 mm
Width 1320 mm
Height 1060 mm
Max. stacking height 2000 mm
Max. load 350 kg
Stacker weight 200 kg
Max. fork spacing 800 mm
Max. travel speed with load 6 km/h
Max. slope inclination


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