Tipping trailer ANS-564

Tipping trailer ANS-564

The tipping trailer ANS-564 is designed especially for utilisation in agriculture, forestry, gardening, vegetable farms, building industry and local transport. It is used especially for loose materials and part loads. Its body can be tipped backwards by means of the tractor hydraulics, i.e. controlled directly from the driver’s cab. The body itself comprises hinged sideboards (completely detachable). The trailer brake system is mechanical being controlled by an overrun brake. This trailer is designed for coupling with small tractors of all types.

Technical notes

Length 2 820 mm
Width 1 320 mm
Height 1 060 mm
Weight of trailer 285 kg
Loading area 2,50 m2
Loading space 1,062 m3
Wheel track 1 075 mm
Payload 1 000 kg
Towing eye 35 mm
Tipping angle 39°




Type Title VAT included Photo
NK-800 nástavba korby 800mm 930 €
PUP-01 povrchová úprava pozink 323 €
NKS-800 nástavba korby síťová 800mm 930 €
PKS-564 podpěrné kolečko stavitelné 101 €

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