AKR-140 / 120 / 100 Rotary Tiller

This rotary tiller is used for mechanization of field works on smaller pieces of land and for municipal services with utilisation especially in vegetable farms, gardens, arboriculture and 
fructiculture, for soil preparation, soil mixing with manures or composts, field weeding and hoeing of wide-row crops. The model AKR-100 with its operating width of 100 cm is designed for compact tractors with power output less than 14 HP, such as TZ-4K-14 and TK-10. This implement can be coupled with all types of compact tractors equipped with three-point hitches ISO 730/1N. In case of tractors TK-12, TZ-4K-14 and MT8-132.2 it is necessary to use the quick-coupler FDZ-187. The tiller is powered by the tractor rear PTO shaft. From here the power itself is transmitted by a joint shaft.

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Technické parametry

AKR-100 AKR-120 AKR-140
Length 870 mm 870 mm 870 mm
Width 1 140 mm 1 355 mm 1 500 mm
Operating width 1 000 mm 1 150 mm 1 360 mm
Operating depth 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Height 690 mm 770 mm 770 mm
Slope inclination
PTO shaft speed 540 nebo 1000 ot/min-1 540 nebo 1 000 ot/min-1 540 nebo 1 000 ot/min-1
Weight 120 kg 164 kg 184 kg
Cena bez DPH 2.106,74 EUR 2.762,17 EUR 3.183,52 EUR
Cena S DPH 2.549,16 EUR 3.342,23 EUR 3.852,06 EUR


Typ Název Cena bez DPH Cena s DPH Foto
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 182,58 EUR 220,93 EUR

Multimédia AKR-140 / 120 / 100 Rotary Tiller

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