Why Vega?

Cabin compact tractors ensure comfortable operation for the operator throughout the year, even in adverse conditions. They are characterized by a large space for the driver, comfortable seats and a purposeful arrangement of controls and digital panel. The cab is equipped with heating, stage ventilation, front and rear work lights, removable warning beacon, windshield wiper (radio on request). The safety glass cab is designed so that the driver has a good view. Cab tractors can be used in all sectors, such as agriculture, municipal, forestry, viticulture, orchards, transport and especially where you need year-round operation. These tractors are applicable for you if you need the stability of the set and better keeping track in a row, especially when you are working with front loaders, ditch mulchers or if you are working in the woods.


Compact tractors with a cab are manufactured in two variants, Comfort and Excellent, in four power versions with water-cooled engines. You can choose from four-cylinder mechanically controlled water-cooled Lombardini engine with an output of 26HP and two types of diesel three-cylinder electrically controlled water-cooled HATZ engines with an output of 26HP and with a DPF filter of 57HP. There are also two power versions of the Kubota four-cylinder electrically controlled engine on offer, with an output of 50HP and 60HP. The tractors are equipped with a mechanical fully synchronized transmission 8 speeds forward and 8 speeds reverse with a maximum speed of 30 km / h. Power transmission is provided by a single-disc dry clutch and on request, a two-stage dry clutch. This tractor has permanent 4x4 wheel drive with rear and front lock. The brakes are dry disc inside the rear case. The tractors are equipped with a front three-point hitch of category 1N and a rear three-point hitch of category 1., front PTO 1000 rpm. and rear PTO 540 and 1000 rpm. Hydraulic circuits operated from the driver's seat can be 2-5 circuits with pumps with a capacity of 16 to 35 l / min.


Compact tractors are homologated and approved for operation on roads.

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