Czech Manufacturer of Four-wheel Compact Tractors

Who Are We?

The Šálek company produces multifunctional four-wheel compact tractors up to 60 HP including a wide variety of farming implements and additional equipment. The company Šálek is settled in the Haná region in the town of Prostějov. Tractors from Prostějov are traditional products not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe more than fifty years, since the first tractor left the factory gate in Prostějov even in 1955. 

Compact tractors by Šálek company are a base driving unit intended for utilization in many usual and special branches of agricultural production, in municipal services, industry plants, at upkeep of green areas of parks, playfields, gardens etc. They are designed especially for municipal works in towns, for in-house transport and anywhere easy maneuverability, movability and economy of operation are required, i.e.

Main philosophy of the Šálek company products is based on an idea of permanent technological innovation and top quality. 

What’s new?

Participation in foreign fairs
The company Šálek s.r.o. launched the project "Participation in foreign fairs" in 2016, reg. number CZ.01.2.111 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16…

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Shop and showroom in Prostějov
Vrahovická 2527/5
796 01 Prostějov
Monday – Friday
7:00 – 16:00

What We Offer?

- production and sales of compact tractors including equipment 

- spare parts 

- Hatz, Kohler, Kubota, Lombardini and Slavia engines 

- general overhauls 

- CNC machining 

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