SHEEP-3500 / 3000 Ditch Mower

This mulcher is designed for mowing and mulching of hardly accessible grassed places such as road ditches etc. This implement can be coupled with 
compact tractors, equipped with three-point hitches and powered by a hydromotor as a part of the entire equipment. Universal rotor blades are heat-treated and being worn on one side they can be turned around (reversely) which brings their longer service life. This equipment is designed for coupling with all types of small tractors equipped with 
three-point hitches ISO 1 and providing PTO shaft speed of 540 rpm. 

Warning! This mulcher is not designed for soil cultivation.

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Technical details

Sheep-3500 Sheep-3000
Operating width - 800 mm
Number of knives - 24 ks
Max. operating radius - 3,3 m
Arm weight - 386 kg
Minimum output of tractor - 25 HP
Minimum weight of tractor - None
Minimum wheel track of tractor - 100 mm
Hydraulic oil tank - 70 l
Price without VAT 8,386.80 EUR 8,157.65 EUR
Price with VAT 10,148.03 EUR 9,870.76 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 178.74 EUR 216.27 EUR

Multimedia SHEEP-3500 / 3000 Ditch Mower

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