AKN-3000 Container Loader

The company Šálek placed on the market a device expanding the usability of a small tractor in the municipal and agricultural spheres. To collect waste material company offers containers in three variants. First variant  is for construction waste, second variant is for heavier material and the last one for biowaste. A single arm articulated loader hung up on a small tractor and controlled by the tractor hydraulics from the driver's seat is intended for loading, transporting, folding or emptying containers. The container loader solution offers additional usability with various adapters such as spreaders, sprayers, tanks, etc.

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Technical details

AKN-2000 AKN-3000
Width 0 1 571 mm
Lenght 0 None
Height 0 1 843 mm
Weight 0 298 kg
Weight 0 298 kg
Loading area 0 3,9 m2
Loading space 0 1,95 m3
Wheel track 0 1 270 mm
Tire parameters 0 10x75x15.3
Payload 0 2 020 kg
Towing eye 0 40 mm
Tipping angle 0 49°
Total load capacity 0 3000 kg
Price without VAT 9,257.56 EUR 9,532.54 EUR
Price with VAT 11,201.65 EUR 11,534.37 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
AKN-3000/f kontejner s víkem 2500x1600 4m3 3,620.53 EUR 4,380.84 EUR
AKN-3000/e kontejner vysoký 3000x1700 7m3 3,345.55 EUR 4,048.12 EUR
AKN-3000/d kontejner 2500x1500 5m3 2,978.92 EUR 3,604.49 EUR
AKN-3000/a Low Container 2,108.16 EUR 2,550.87 EUR
AKN-300/b Tall Container for Bio Waste 2,428.96 EUR 2,939.05 EUR
AKN-3000/c Low Container with Cover 2,291.48 EUR 2,772.69 EUR

Multimedia AKN-3000 Container Loader

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