AZM-120 / 150 HYDRO Road Sweeper with Hydraulic Motor

Sweepers AMZ-120Hydro and AZM-150Hydro are used for sweeping municipal areas, sidewalks, roads, in the preparation of sports fields, etc. They can be used to sweep dust and dirt, or to dust snow during winter maintenance. The sweeping brush AMZ-120Hydro and AZM-150Hydro is driven by its own hydraulic motor, which is connected via a control valve, which determines the speed of the brush. For the correct function of the device, it is necessary to have a pump on the compact tractor with flow rates of 20 l / min and a pressure of 8 MPa. The swiveling of the sweeping brush to the sides is mechanically controlled as standard. On request, the rotation of the brush can be controlled hydraulically directly from the driver's seat using a linear hydraulic motor. Height-adjustable rubberized support wheels located on the sides of the brush are used to press the brush against the pad. 

Road sweeper can be supplemented with: 
- collection container for collecting dust and dirt. The tilting of the tray is mechanically controlled as standard, on request it can be controlled hydraulically directly from the driver's seat by means of a linear hydraulic motor. 
- pressure sprinkling 200 liters. The pressure is provided by a 12V electric pump. 

The 200-liter polyethylene container has its own frame, so the sprinkler can be applied separately with a small tractor to a three-point hitch. During the rear application of the sweeping brush with sprinkling, the 200 l container is placed directly on the brush, so it forms a compact unit.

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Technical details

AZM-150Hydro AZM-120Hydro
Operating width 1 500 mm 1 200 mm
Height 720 mm 720 mm
Width 1 791 mm 1 491 mm
Operating speed 4 - 5 km/h 4 - 5 km/h
Collecting tank capacity 135 L 108 L
Weight with tub 150 Kg 130 Kg
Price without VAT 2,566.45 EUR 2,383.13 EUR
Price with VAT 3,105.41 EUR 2,883.59 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
AZM-TK 200L Pressure Sprinkling 12V/200 Liters 1,507.79 EUR 1,824.43 EUR
AZM-150/sv Collecting Container to Sweeper AZM-150Hydro 595.78 EUR 720.90 EUR
AZM-120/sv Collecting Container to Sweeper AZM-120Hydro 504.12 EUR 609.99 EUR

Multimedia AZM-120 / 150 HYDRO Road Sweeper with Hydraulic Motor

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