RZK-400H / 300H Bulk Spreaders

Industrial fertilizer spreaders are designed for spreading mineral granular fertilizers, but also for winter sprinkling of roads with loose materials and salts. In the basic version, the spreaders are equipped with a polyethylene hopper for 180, 300 and 450 liters. The container is made of highly durable Canadian polyethylene. The frame of the spreader of tubular construction is protected by high-quality powder paint. The drive of the spreader's working mechanisms is transmitted from the tractor's water shaft by means of a cardan shaft. As an option, the spreader can also be equipped with a hydraulic motor drive for the spreading disc. The spreading and dosing device of the spreader is completely made of stainless steel. There are 6 stainless steel blades on the spreading disc, which are adjustable to 5 working positions, according to the used spreading material. Control plates controlled by control rods are used to regulate the dose and the direction of spreading. For precise dose setting, the control is equipped with a scale 0-9, which is used for stepwise opening of the dosing holes. The two-lever control mechanism allows either spreading over the entire working width or only to the right or left. The control mechanism can be equipped with a hydraulic ON / OF locking system. The machine can be aggregated with all types of compact tractors equipped with a three-point hitch ISO 730 / 1N. For compact tractors TK-12, TZ-4K-14 and MT8-132.2, the machine must be aggregated using the FDZ-187 hitch. The standard equipment includes a screen for winter spreading. 

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Technical details

RZK-300H RZK-400H
Length 1230 mm 1250 mm
Width 1100 mm 1170 mm
Height 1100 mm 1170 mm
Weight 350 kg 450 kg
Weight 350 kg 450 kg
Spreading width 6-14 m 6-14 m
Feed box capacity 300 l 450 l
Input shaft speed 540 ot.min-1 540 ot.min-1
Price without VAT 2,016.50 EUR 2,286.89 EUR
Price with VAT 2,439.96 EUR 2,767.14 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
RZK-300/b Covering Tarp of Spreader 158.11 EUR 191.29 EUR
RZK-300/a Sieve (size 40 x 40 mm) 178.74 EUR 216.27 EUR
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 187.90 EUR 227.36 EUR

Multimedia RZK-400H / 300H Bulk Spreaders

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